Bluebird days in March

I have always loved spring skiing, so much so that we used to enjoy the novelty of vacationing in Whistler in late April when we lived in the UK. This year has been bizarre, warmer and drier than any other year previously. Thats not to say that its still not great…in fact its wonderful. I decided to put together some family and solo times videos for you to gauge for yourselves how to have fun in Whistler at any time of year. Look forward to seeing you here soon.

March skiing 2015 from Discreet Solutions on Vimeo.

Will it snow?

Every annual average appears to be getting smashed right now with this highly unusual and warm winter. I was skiing last week and had a great time in the alpine regions. The big question burning on everyones lips is…”Will it snow?” Surely, with an average of 8 feet in March, and 6 feet in April, we can’t get through March with a few cm here and there? Either way, Whistler is pulling the stops out, the resort is kicking it high and fast, and the guys and girls and working hard to keep us skiing. Have a great week in Whistler.

Teaching a toddler to ski

Well we are more than half way through the season and I put together a little video of Henrys first ski lesson. Aged 3 I was amazed at his resilience, and staggered at how hard it was. For starters I haven’t done a snow plough for 30 years…well not for any meaningful amount of time anyway! Secondly, to make him happy it was a blue bird sunny day, in the midst of this ridiculous heat wave we have had in BC, so by the end I had discovered a new diet fad not to be sniffed at!!

My tips…Edgy Wedgy is a must have. A harness is not a must but really helps with helping them to balance. Not taken the first time, but critical second time was a ski pole. A hockey stick would work. Simulate a drag lift, help them to balance and save the back ache. Bribery!!

Henry Learns to Ski from Discreet Solutions on Vimeo.

Ski Season 2014 / 2015

#winteriscoming folks. The snow line is slowly but surely descending the mountains in readiness for ski season. We are delighted to see returning guests, and new guests, and completely thrilled to be pretty much fully booked for the ski season. We are even getting inquiries for 2016! Fantastic. Thank you to all of our guests current and future. Only 2 weeks open in March and closing weeks in May. Hurry and book soon to avoid disapointment.

Skyline Lodge

We are delighted to introduce our friends page this week. As part of our work with our partners at Discreet Solutions, we have teamed up with our first official Vacation Rental friends at Skyline Lodge, a beautiful Italian Villa styled property on the bluff above Gibsons on the stunning Sunshine Coast, BC. We had dinner on the terrace of this beautiful home yesterday evening, and we cannot rave about this home enough. If you want luxury, peace, beauty and couple all of this with great rates, proximity to amazing restaurants in Gibsons then look no further.

Did you know Gibsons was voted best small town to live in! It is beautiful. Don’t visit without eating at the Smitties, Salt Water Bistro, Bulls and of the course, for those of us old enough to remember, Mollys Place from the Beachcombers television series; fish tacos to die for!!!

Aerial Video

So..we took an drone up to Whistler this week. Guests are always asking, what does it look like, what’s the layout and so i thought the best way i could help describe this was to fly a drone around the house, up, up and away and give some views of the house that would be impossible without hiring a helicopter. Hope y’all like it!!

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