Skyline Lodge

We are delighted to introduce our friends page this week. As part of our work with our partners at Discreet Solutions, we have teamed up with our first official Vacation Rental friends at Skyline Lodge, a beautiful Italian Villa styled property on the bluff above Gibsons on the stunning Sunshine Coast, BC. We had dinner on the terrace of this beautiful home yesterday evening, and we cannot rave about this home enough. If you want luxury, peace, beauty and couple all of this with great rates, proximity to amazing restaurants in Gibsons then look no further.

Did you know Gibsons was voted best small town to live in! It is beautiful. Don’t visit without eating at the Smitties, Salt Water Bistro, Bulls and of the course, for those of us old enough to remember, Mollys Place from the Beachcombers television series; fish tacos to die for!!!

Aerial Video

So..we took an drone up to Whistler this week. Guests are always asking, what does it look like, what’s the layout and so i thought the best way i could help describe this was to fly a drone around the house, up, up and away and give some views of the house that would be impossible without hiring a helicopter. Hope y’all like it!!

How to get a toddler to ride a bike!

Who knew that 2 year olds could be so bossy? So..independent!The only thing I can get him interested in riding right now is on Daddy’s shoulders…and he is getting BIG! We have shameless tried bribery…a little more bribery…meeting friends who are using their bike…more bribery…more friends…you tube videos…photo’s…bribery…and the answer to “Shall we go on your bike” is “No, daddy, shall we do something else?” Any tips??IMG_4436

Summer is Here

So many inquiries these last few weeks. Our first summer guests have been and gone, and we had a great review from Edwin and his family. Thank you!

Whistler is buzzing, and BC summer weather is as glorious as ever. We are biking this weekend around lost lake and I have a day booked on the Mountain  Bike Park! Woohoo

Winter bookings are already through the roof, and we are now looking at having a very busy season. Thank you so much to everyone who has booked.

My first site blog

We are fast approaching the end of our first ski season as Treeline Six. It is hard to put into words the roller coaster we have been on since we left the UK and arrived in Canada last year, and embarked upon Operation Inspector Daddy! As with all good plans, it changed almost immediately, and then changed again, and pretty quickly we were ducking and diving through meeting rooms, mortgage consultants, a great realtor who steered us all the way (thank you Dave Beaty!!) and a month later than planned we took possession of Treeline Six with only 4 weeks to the beginning of ski season.

Now this was going to be a season of firsts. I had just given up my dream job, given up the stress and responsibility that went with being a head of department, and assumed full responsibility for a 2 year old, 2 dogs (one royalty and the other awaiting diagnosis for being bi-polar), one wife dropped into the BC medical world, two new homes and a start up security business; but thats another tale.

I have met and spoken to many new people on this journey, which has only just begun. In truth I haven’t skied anywhere near as much as I intended, and that took a bigger nose dive when I took a dive down our stairs and ruptured my ankle ligaments…but what a journey it is shaping up to be. I would love to thank every single one of our guests. It is very clear to us that you have seen the care we have taken in preparing our home to meet your expectations and that you have exercised the same care to look after it for us. I truly hope that we see you all back with us soon.

The snow arrived late, but boy did it arrive. In fact it is still arriving, and we have seen some wonderful spring conditions with 3 feet of snow last week.

I am intending on making this a regular blog, and I have no idea if there is any interest in reading it, but hey it feels good to write something down again that someone somewhere might read. I had thought of a Daddy Blog but there are so many, and then a daddy doggy blog..nope then a daddy doggy doctor daddy blog. In truth in the past year I have gone from a managerial role in the police to running a vacation home, our home, dog walking, full time parent, small business man and now dabbling at a little entrenpenuership…so titles please!!!

A stunning luxury vacation home from home, in a prestigious location…Treeline, Blackcomb Benchlands – Beautiful Whistler, BC